Fnug Igel Manicure

Top Coat

  • Artnr: FN2004

Beskrivelse av artikkelen

FNUG IGEL MANICURE TOP COAT. The concept is glossy gel look finish on the natural nail done at home. Innovative 1 step gel wrap manicure for the natural nail. Simple D.Y.I .1 step IGEL Manicure done at home. Use as often as needed. Removes simply with nail polish remover and cotton pad. Luxurious caviar extract is added for the nourishing benefit of the nails. WHY: Get glossy gel look finish on the natural nail It IS SO SIMPLE AND… NO more damaging UV light for glossy gel nail look finish on the nails, NO more tedious “soak off” of fingers in drying acetone, NO more “growing gap” at nail base. Direction for use: IGEL Manicure Top Coat is a powerful 1 step gel wrap for the natural nail. Unique formulations with a plumbing effect for the natural nail leaving a smooth gel wrap foundation. IGEL Manicure Top Coat is a quick drying gel wrap seal with ultra glossy gel look finish. Step 1: Apply two coats of nail polish. Step 2: Apply one coat of IGEL Manicure Top Coat for ultra glossy gel look finish use as often as needed.